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After an early breakfast at the hotel, we take a bus from the Andean Cordillera to the Patagonian steppe, “la estepa”, to make sure we get no clouds during the eclipse, along with an Astronomy guide who is not only well versed in astronomy but will also talk about the region’s wilderness and history [The departure time will be 7:30 AM depending on the hotel location] After 3 hours of ground transportation (snacks included) we´ll arrive to a location especially for the event, where the team of experts will be waiting with their equipment so that everyone can enjoy the eclipse on a fascinating and safe way. This experience is non exclusive. 11:45 AM the moon will begin to eclipse the sun, 1:07 PM the full eclipse (crown effect) will take place 2 minutes following the crown. After that the sun will start showing until 2:35 PM when this phenomenon will be over. During the event, there´s going to be a few telescopes and other gear to see the progress, we will also provide special eclipse glasses. Lunch will be available any time between 12 to 2 PM. It includes fruits, typical finger food, sandwiches, and beverages. 3 PM transfers will be ready to go back to the hotels, arriving approximately at 7:30 PM (snacks included). On the way back we´ll be sharing photographs and stories about this special astronomic phenomenon.


• Astronomy Workshop on Dec. 11th 2020 in Bariloche • Pre-Post Activities • Hotels & Luxury Villas Accommodations

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