Esencia.Patagonia is about experiencing the real Patagonia. As a travel company, we pursue excellence, going beyond the idea of a traditional vacation by tailoring transformative experiences to each clients’ liking. For us, education takes place outdoors, where your inner child awakens to remind you that anything is possible and that dreams do come true. The patagonian landscape, its vast mountains, deep lakes and endless steppe, inherently connect you with nature’s bounty, and that subconscious bond ties you to the people you share these experiences with. This same connection heightens awareness of the environment, and forms a more sustainable mindset.


We believe in making dreams come true within the unique setting in which we and our families have chosen to live. Our objective is to thrive in surprising our guests, making them feel as part of this family, and to go above and beyond their expectations. With our knowdlege, creativity and, above all, our great family team, we hope our guests will explore Patagonia with their hearts, and make the most memorable experience they have ever lived. We want to be a part of your future adventures! Thanks for trusting us to continue building families through values and love for nature.

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