Patagonia escapes, sunny skies, stunning snowed landscapes and a whole lot of peace and quiet: these are the best places to go in August for a relaxing break.



Villa Beluno invites discerning travelers to experience a boutique hotel set upon the azure shoreline of Nahuel Huapi Lake, through the lens of haute cuisine innovation to craft a sublime cotidiano. Villa Beluno then is a feast for the eyes, senses and palette as your four season gateway to both heroic and intimate pleasures. Relieving you from your daily grind and worries, obliging to rediscover what’s truly important, disarming defenses and reawakening curiosity. The proposal to recall what makes you complete, to know again the feeling of being truly present for those we love and elevated in the splendor of this majestic villa atop Bariloche in Patagonia.


The Cathedral Mountain is known as the most important Ski Center in South America. During the winter season offers a wide and varied infrastructure of services to practice skiing, snowboarding among other disciplines. In summer it is one of the favorite mountains for trekking. From the top you can have an excellent view of Andes Mountains.


The Snow Cat is the most efficient form of ground transport in snowy terrain , due to its stability, traction force and the possibility to open paths with its shovel. Thanks to all the years spent exploring Baguales’ ski-able terrain , we have created incredible programs that travel through many of the valleys, hillsides and mountains of the reserve. The objective remains the same: to search out the best slopes, the best snow, and enjoy each day skiing to the fullest.


Patagonia escapes, sunny skies, stunning snowed landscapes and a whole lot of peace and quiet: these are the best places to go in August for a relaxing break.

Day 1. Transfer in
Our exlcusive transfer will be waiting at Bariloche´s airport to take you to Villa Beluno Hotel. In the afternoon enjoy a motorboat navigation at Nahuel Huapi lake.

Winter Lake Moment In a town embraced by the lake’s beauty, we invite you to sail away contemplating our amazing sunsets! Where the waters are calm, we’ll share a glass of wine meanwhile the day transforms itself into a dark blue sky filled with bright stars and a toast pays tribute to that moment. A Double fondue on board and a glass of wine crown this cold evening to have a one of a kind experience. At 5:30 pm our host will pick you up by the hotel so as to arrive at Port by around 6 pm. We’ll weigh anchor once the sun begins to set and sail in between mysterious islands which are loaded with their own history. As these stories begin to enlighten us, the city begins to do so. Eventually we’ll stop the engine and be able to relax and listen to the silence, just floating on board. Call it a magic trick because very day we are honored with a different scenery, a different sun, a different sky and ending. An experience that surely enriches the soul!

After dinner enjoy a under the stars experience paired by a unique whisky tasting at Villa Beluno hotel.

Under the Stars & Whisky Tasting Its nature has awakened a big interest on the past as nowadays still comes to controversies. From the old Greece to the modern concepts, we ́ll see the southern stars, through the clear Patagonian stars. A vast sky full of stars will witness a talk in which we ́ll discover an incredible world that probably we were not aware of. We highlight that the stars are the fundamental bricks that build and give origin to almost all structures in Universe. As the night gets darker we ́ll notice that there is much more of what we can see, awakening all of our senses while we explore the most significant regions from Scotland regions, doscovering the best kept secrets of this antque drink.
Day 2. Catskiing Baguales 2 days 1 night
At 8:00 am our exlcusive transfer will pick you up from your hotel. Arrival at Baguales Mountain Reserve is usually estimated in: 1 hour. Ascend to La Mesada Refuge (1700 meters above sea level) by 4×4 vehicles, snowcats, snowmobiles. At 10:00 am, while sharing a coffee, the mountain guides give a talk about safety measures and overall organization. Afterwards, everybody embarks the snowcats to go for a ride in search of the best slopes. Depending on the skiing level of the whole group as well as on snow and weather conditions, we may have between 8 and 14 downhill runs during the day. Estimated vertical meters: 4,500 to 5,000 m. Around midday we have lunch right there in the mountains and then continue skiing. About 5:00 pm we go down to La Mesada Refuge and enjoy some snack. Dinner and overnight stay at La Mesada Refuge.
Day 3.
Early in the morning, right after breakfast, the group is ready for another full day of cat skiing. Around midday we have lunch in the mountains and then continue skiing. By around 4:30 pm we return to La Mesada Refuge to enjoy some snack. Afterwards the shuttle is prepared to drive you back to San Carlos de Bariloche airport.

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Plan B if weather conditions do not allow skiing:

(Included on the rates)

Trekking + Lunch at Patagonia + Chocolate tasting - Full Day

At 9.30 am in the morning we will pick you up to take us to our exclusive ranch, located in the Patagonian Steppe, were we will enjoy our horseback ride with our private guide, enjoying the undulating terrain, with ups and down, crossing fords, streams and beautiful views. During the experience, if you´re lucky enough you will be able to see typical fauna of the place, which lives in a natural environment, from deer to Condores. After two hours ride, we will enjoy our lunch: Typical Patagonian asado accompanied with salads. After the dessert and some relax time, we will start our way back to our hotel, arriving at 5 pm approximately.


Level of Difficulty: Medium. [50-minute walk with mild altitude gain] Pick up: 10:30 am Drop off: 3:30 pm/ 4:30 pm Fitness Requirements: Basic fitness level. Personal Mountaineering Gear: Sports footwear (running shoes-type), synthetic warm clothing, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

Gourmet Navigation - Full Day

The guide will pick u up at the hotel lobby at 10 am for an exclusive transfer to the pier. We will board the motorboat to navigate the cold waters of Nahuel Huapi Lake. Our Chef will prepare lunch for us, who will make this experience more enjoyable and relaxing through culinary delicacies. A unique three course meal on board! While resting, you can enjoy the moment of art we will offer, providing a cultural evening immersed in nature. Another part of the lake remains to be discovered and we do so on the way back to Bariloche´s pier.


Level of Difficulty: easy. Pick up: 10:00 am Drop off: 3:30 pm/ 4:30 pm Fitness Requirements: Basic fitness level. Personal Mountaineering Gear: Sports footwear (running shoes-type), synthetic warm clothing, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen.

There is a wide range of ski packages and tour options available for your Patagonia ski holiday



Enjoy a week of skiing and enjoying this variety to the fullest of experiences offered by this unique tour in Patagonia. Reconnect with nature


Let us take you on a multi-day adventure of some of Patagonia best ski fields, and enjoy the maximum in fun and lifestyle with this ski tour


Patagonia escapes, sunny skies, stunning snowed landscapes and a whole lot of peace and quiet: these are the best places to go in August for a relaxing break.


  • Transfer in/out.
  • 5 nights accomodation at Beluno Hotel. (master Suite double room). Breakfast and SPA included.
  • 1 night accomodation at Baguales mountain reserve.
  • 4 day ski passes per person
  • 6 days ski equipment rental per person (Ski boots, ski poles, ski board)
  • 4 transfer in/out Cerro Catedral.
  • 2 Transfer for dinner. (dinner not included)
  • If weather conditions aren’t the best,Plan B included with no extra cost


Does NOT include Ski Clothing (Jacket, Gloves, Helmet, Goggles)


Main features 

More than 120 kilometers of tracks and trails
39 lifts with a towing capacity of approx . 35,000 skiers per hour

General information

Base Height : 3379 fts
Summit Height : 6889 fts
Vertical Drop: 3510 fts
skiable area : 2965 acres maximum skiable length : 5,5 miles Minimum slope : 3o – Maximum 60o

Average snowfall during the season (according to statistics )

Summit ( 6889 fts over the sea level) : 19,6 fts Intermedia ( 5249fts over the sea level ) : 9,8 fts Base ( 3379 fts ) : 4,9 meters

Temperature and Climate

Winter temperature
Average low: 28 Farenheits
Average high: 53,6 farenheits
Climate with prevailing winds from the west – northwest


The Baguales Mountain Reserve is located in the province of Río Negro, in Argentina, 30 miles to the South from San Carlos de Bariloche. Its surface covers 25,000 acres, and contains a series of mountain refuges distributed along Mt. Villegas (2000m), Mt. Ciruela (1400m) and Mt. Aspero (1200m). All of them allow for awesome sightseeing and great ski runs as the snow powder there is one of the best in Patagonia, due to the dry weather and winter snow falls.

The area is perfect for all types of skiing —backcountry, snowboarding, catskiing—, it is situated in the core of the Patagonian region and circumscribed by two rivers: the Villegas and Foyel. Its snow powder rivals the quality of other top destinations in the world, and yet, is still a developing area for skiing activities so it doesn’t get too crowded as other areas like Cerro Catedral.

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