We have developed this conservation concept that governs our job in order to be in harmony with the environment and turn our presence in the planet into a sustainable one. We start from ourselves and then put it into practice with our families and our travel products.
We’ve incorporated changes in our schedule and working routine in our way to become a certified “B Company”. We also include an environmental footprint fee in our rates as a tool to raise awareness about our impact in the planet.  We participate in social projects aligned with our community values in order to promote social conscience and support environmental research projects. We do our best to minimize plastic in our gastronomy packaging and keep track of our waste and the treatment they get. We created our “KM Zero” policy that implies including arts & crafts in our programs in a way to support local producers, boost patagonian identity and provide our clients with high quality crafts and outstanding experiences.
We are in constant movement, making an effort to evolve and trying to encourage our team and our visitors habits and values that make us better human beings and planet inhabitants.

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